Fresh, Fragrant, Anointing


I want to pray for you today, that the Lord will bless your efforts for Him with a fresh, fragrant, anointing of the Holy Spirit.  I am seeing and hearing from women that are taking on new challenges, whether branching out an internet blog ministry or rediscovering the love of Jesus like never before, so …

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to bless my readers with a fresh, fragrant, anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Let it be a tangible anointing, as I explained before.  May it break down any walls that hold them in any circumstance, whatever it may be.

Let it be fresh, let it refresh and renew and restore, the flame in their heart for Jesus. Let them desire to know the fragrance of His love, the wonderful smell of the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the offering that went up before God, in our stead.

Fresh fire, fresh rain, fresh faith, fresh hope and fresh love. Fragrant , powerful prayers will spring from their lips as the Spirit gives utterance. May they rest in their fresh, fragrant anointing and me in mine also and we praise you Jesus, that we are beloved. We draw from your well of living water, and we receive as the heavens open. Amen.  Grace and peace be with you. Rebecca Jones




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