Faith is substance of things you don’t see, the evidence of things believed. Hebrews 11:6

Just believe what you don’t see!  Sounds easy, right?  My mother told me I lived in my imagination. Admittedly, I did. I wanted so badly to be a writer. I lay awake at night dreaming of stories. I was always telling her plot lines and about characters, she wasn’t interested because she wasn’t a writer, although I know she shares the gift.

My world was a nice place, like heaven or heaven on earth.  Imagine that, it’s a part of faith, you have to see or picture yourself well, walking, not behind on the rent. You have to mix that with hope, not just wishing but grasping the anchor of Christ that holds us together.  And the most important ingredient in this heavenly recipe is love.

You have to do things with the right heart, the right mind set and speak the truth in love, and that’s what was hard for me.  If I told people about faith and having a good confession, they  thought I was lying, to say I was well if wasn’t.  And even trying to correct things I knew were wrong, was met with resistance. I’ve asked for grace in that area, I try to meet people wherever their faith is. Love is the key, the main ingredient, and sometimes you have to take stand and be tough. Soft but firm, velvet and steel, wise and harmless.  For without faith, what you profess, it’s impossible to please Him. Keeping the faith, and not defending it, because God doesn’t me to defend Him, blessing today ,y friends. Rebecca Jones


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