The Wind That Gives Me Wings



There is a fresh wind blowing through the body of Christ, can you feel it? If you can’t, you will. Turn back to God ,if you are Christian, draw closer, come home if you have strayed, the Father is waiting. The Prodigal Son could have been stoned under Jewish law, instead he went running home because the servants were treated better that he was living. He went home hungry, it doesn’t say he missed anyone, was sorry, he just ran through an inheritance.  Some Christians have run through their salvation in the same manner, not keeping the death and resurrection of Christ foremost in their consciousness. The Prodigal asked for his inheritance while His father was alive. Isn’t that wishing him dead? In a way.

But our Jesus died to set us free, first, long before any one of us was born, long before He came He was preparing to come and die and give us an amazing inheritance.  The wind came as He breathed on His disciples and the wind rushed in on Pentecost. The wind of the Holy Spirit goes about being our Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, He gives out spiritual gifts, reminds you of God’s Word, will show you things to come. Yes, the Holy Spirit is being poured out again. Sons and daughters will have dreams and visions and prophesy.  We are closer to eternity than we really know.  Give Jesus a chance to speak to your heart if you do not know Him, tell someone about Him if you do.

The wind is blowing cool and fresh over me, a new year and a new day ahead, plans He has made for us, He wants to see come to pass.  The wind is at my back as I sit in the warmth of both the sun and the Son of God.  It is beneath my feet to walk me through my faith and carries me over the rocky places. It is in my heart, with every heartbeat, bellows than fan the flame and stir the gift of the Spirit.  The wind is strong, it overshadows fear and doubt as long as I submit my soul to the love of God. Nothing withstands that powerful love, it tramples right over enemies. Jesus will be heard again in the power of His Spirit, He will not be denied or defied and not defined or limited, as winds of revival begin anew and fresh. He does not want His children defiled with worry and fear, take comfort in Him.

The wind gives us wings, let’s not be afraid to fly. Rebecca Jones

* prophesy

1. To reveal by divine inspiration.
2. To predict the future with certainty.

3. To prefigure or foreshadow:

1. To reveal the will or message of God; speak or write as a prophet.
2. To predict future events; make predictions. ( The opposite of fortune telling and occult practices. ) 



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