What a lovely photograph I have chosen to illustrate grace. The beauty that radiates from her face, flawless, perfect foundation, the blush of a cheek, as God smiles on her, the sparkle of Jesus in her eye and her mouth is soft and light, like our words of grace should be.  The pink of her hat is a color that represents flesh, our sins, once scarlet, now white as snow, like the feather at her back. It is covering her with angelic wings, the commanded protection of God and also the shadow of the Almighty.

Grace is not something to be made light of. Well meaning people often misunderstand the message, as giving people permission to do as they please, they do that already. Grace was costly to Jesus and those that love Him dearly, would never abuse that privilege purposefully.  It was given freely to us, He expects us to freely pass along that message to others, and to believe that He is not condemning us, because that sacrifice was so dear and heart wrenching to God. The debt was paid. We are free to experience His grace and favor, to walk in unbelievable love and wholeness, to be sound in mind and body, to have a soul that is free from condemnation and the unholy three, fear, terror, and torment, free to worship in spirit and truth, our spirit….but that is also what the Holy Spirit is, what the true Trinity is, Spirit and Truth.

Would you drive an expensive car off a cliff? Toss a diamond bracelet in the sea? Would you let someone you love jump from an airplane without a parachute? Of course not!  Yet, God gave us His Son freely to save us, He gave up what He loved most for us not be separated for eternity from Him.

No, people who love Jesus can rest comfortably in the arms of grace with the full knowledge that we are forgiven completely and forever, we can run to Him quickly, if we make mistakes, that’s grace, that’s love, that’s Jesus.

We would never dream of designing grace as an imitation, if you can keep up a lifestyle that does not reflect His love, are you sure you know Jesus? He works with you, is patient, knows our faults and flaws, but He’s there to correct us, because He was willing to die for us, nothing we did, only to believe. Thank you, God for turning your back on your beloved Son, so that you would never turn it on me, I was not deserving of such grace, such love and yet it pleased you to do it for me. While He was on the cross, I was on His mind. He made us worthy of His amazing love, and His truly amazing grace. May God bless you today and everyday. Rebecca Jones

  • I tried to contact Ms. Price in case I needed to ask permission to use this photo. Her website is for booking weddings and I saw no place leave a message on the blog, Her Pinterest board is sparse. Yet, her work s fabulous, so I wanted to mention the make-up.

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