A Tangible Anointing


There is a very tangible anointing that is upon many believers, whether prominent ministers of the gospel or lay people or even average people being called into service.  A friend of mine who had cancer and is now in remission after prayer, was sending out little bubbles with message. I picked up on it and started my mother’s Pinterest board, Anointed Bubbles.

You can’t always see the Holy Spirit, but He makes His power and His presence known, it is tangible, in wind, heat, the tingle down your neck, the thick honey like, oil like outpouring on you head, dreams, visions, so many gifts.

I can pray on my mother’s bed. I can feel His presence in her chair, where others cannot, they are not sensitive to the Spirit, do not have the baptism of the Holy Spirit or are not born again.

You may not always see Him but there is a tangible anointing, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit, we can walk in Adam’s original glory purchased by the blood of Jesus if we will believe and walk in His love. Next time, you see bubbles blowing past, pop a few, as a tangible sign of His anointing. May the Prince of Peace rain and reign on you in 2016. Rebecca Jones


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