Deeply Loved


God loves us even more than our mothers. Now, that’s deeply loved.  He sent Hid beloved Son to die for us, now, that’s deeply loved.  He gave up the person He loved most, to save us.  Abraham didn’t have to do it, but God did, and if you really study the relationship of God, the Father, to God, the Son, they really are one.  He had to turn His back and let Jesus pay the price for us, cruelly and viciously punished, to redeem us from destruction.  And as much as that hurt Him, it pleased Him to restore man’s ability to come to Him, the veil was rent and all was given into the Son’s hands. and He gives freely to us.  There are no words to describe that kind of love, agape, is not even enough. Never forget that sacrifice, not on New Year’s, not in November, never.  God loves us deeply, Jesus loves us deeply, let’s let the Holy Spirit comfort and guide us in 2016.  Let’s return the love, deeply.  Rebecca Jones

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