Are You Watching Your Mouth?

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Don’t say anything that would hurt another person. Instead, speak only what is good so that you can give help wherever it is needed. That way, what you say will help those who hear you. Ephesians 4:29

If you think I’m one of the people who will beat you up about every word or be picky, you’re wrong. I can’t stand it. The people who do, are they really speaking  for God? You are supposed to tell people the right thing in love and let it go at that. You can’t speak for them. You would not believe some of the things I’ve heard ministers say. Ouch, that stung!!! And that wasn’t Jesus saying, I want you to obey me in this, in a firm but still voice in your heart.

These things were down right mean.  Speak the truth in love. I will always encourage you if I can, tell you the truth in love, even if we don’t always receive, it still is, His love is the most powerful thing. All of have said the wrong things at times, it happens but we are to lose ungodly, useless speech.

People will receive as He prepares their hearts to.  He’s God, we’re not, even though He wants us to follow Him.  And if people do not receive, let that go. Shake the dust off your feet, dust is what the devil crawls around in. And I want peace, not what the enemy offers. And don’t cast your pearls before swine, I realize there are  people who would not even appreciate my poetry. They’ve never read it.  Never will. It’s on my blog for the Lord’s glory.  If you enjoy it, thank you, any talent I have is from Him. I have a new Pinterest board. My Poetry. Everything I do is there or on FB.

But let’s talk about watching our mouths.  Foul language is not pretty.  Complaining is not good conversation.  But then, there are people who might perceive anything you say as a complaint.  I have listened to bratty children persist until they get their way, they learn early.  Control and rebellion are never good. Actually, it is equal to witchcraft. Self control and submission to God, much better. There are people who enjoy annoying you, who will bait you like a fish.  It’s better not to respond.  This is part of the accuser of the brethren, that I never understood.

Accusations draw you from the truth, don’t pay attention, as a believer, the devil has no right to accuse you before God as in Job’s day, he can’t get through the blood, that is why we must plead it over ourselves and our loved ones, homes, schools, work, etc. Since He can’t get up there to pester God, he goes after our righteousness. You will hear Job’s fear caused the attacks, perhaps, but he was accused of being righteous by the devil who was after him. God allowed it, and even thought it awful, He limited it. And it was before the crucifixion. Jesus puts the kibosh on him.

But words, our feet might ache, they’re not really killing us.  We may be cold, but we’re not freezing to death.  You’re a real pain! Really? Sure, there are toxic people who can make you sick.  My mother and I just had a discussion about Proverbs 18:21, I just realized its says death and life, not life and death, are in the power of the tongue. It’s a verse I hear all the time. Actually, I rechecked, I think death is first in some translations life in others but I think death is our first language, it takes know Jesus and His abundant life to speak life and peace. What is in your heart comes out, He said so.

Isn’t that strange? Was I hearing it wrong? Remembering wrong? Quoting it wrong? Maybe, but I think I just really realized that death is what most people are speaking over themselves without even knowing it. The foul language, the arguing, the gossip.  Whether you are charismatic or not, it pays to take note of our words.  They are wonderful, beautiful and powerful and can be used for good or evil, to hurt or to heal, to encourage or disparage, to build up or tear down, to share faith, hope, love or to destroy a dream.  Don’t think so? Have you ever seen a suicide from bullying,  abused women or children, people who have lost faith? They are the results of years of abuse, though what others have done to you should not define you or give you the right to act up.

Death is a language we should not be so fluent in, especially when Jesus spoke life, He never use the term dead except to say for the dead ( spiritually ) to bury the dead. Though when the disciples didn’t get it, He had to explain about Lazarus. I’m going to be aware of that, I almost said, “Dead tired. ” I decided against it. that is why I have had to combine rest, not let the devil drive me, he will wear you out.

Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil one.  Jesus in Matthew 5:37.  You don’t have to defend yourself God will, you don’t have show up for every argument, listen to every gossip. You neither do you have to over explain. My mother, will often say…Hmmmmphh.  That’s it, she’s not getting into it. And even though I’m grown up, I get the look.  It means, hush, now!  She knows  when I’m about to explain something to someone who doesn’t get it.  The most recent thing I heard is really death, discussing, actually arguing over would be at a funeral?  Who cares? No one had died. Not even years later.

Let’s let Jesus words be what we speak…life, and stop the death speak. And remember His mercies are new every morning. Lamentations 3:23, so you’ve been cussing or fussing, it happens, just start over.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:9 in another version. You still have to call sin a sin, but make sure you are not sinning in the way you tell it. Speak truth in love.

As I am repinning this post in November 2020, I am still amazed at the words that I have been able to write for Jesus and through Him. I have been caught off guard as well, even bombarded. I want the enemy silenced not me. I am glad I keep a repentant heart and understand rest and grace more. I have let some persistent arguments draw some righteous anger, I have said things I should not. I never have been one for expletives but I have to admit some days have been harder to bless those that curse you and a regrettable word has not slipped out but released.

Believe me, that enemy wants the Word out of our of our hearts and mouth, it will destroy your testimony to follow the world, let’s follows Jesus, and speak His peace, even if we have to avoid others who would drag us down.



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