The soul has been given its own ears to hear what others cannot. Just a cute saying but probably very true, Jesus opened blind eyes but also spiritual one, so why not ears also and other senses. Blind people are often gifted with heightened senses and so should we be as children of grace.

So let’s keep our eyes open to the wonder and beauty of creation. And our hearts and ears tuned to the music of heaven, holy angels are singing day and night and the wind whispers the inspiration of Christ. Prayer is like dialing a radio station,stay in tune to God through prayer.

If we seek Him daily and listen for His voice, He will not only speak through the Word but through other believers ans bu te power of His Spirit. Our soul has ears to hear, Jesus would have us listen.

In the quiet, still of the secret place, is where we will hear. Rebecca Jones / photo…Esther Weingard thanks.

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