In Him



How often do we stop to be thankful for our breath, our ability to walk, to see? When we have a horrible cold, break an ankle or step out into a pitch black night?

Every day is His gift, every breath, every time you smell bread baking.  Every playful puppy, every smile, every kind word, all little gifts from the Lord.  We can be thankful that we are strong and healthy if we are and believe Him to make us so if we are not. We live, we move and we have our very own being our soul, a soul, all our own..God’s gift to every one of use.

Let’s take care of ourselves. I’m not even talking about diet and exercise, I’m talking about things, you don’t see, rest, stillness, the quiet inner peace that only God can give. Love in our hearts. Songs in our heads.

Prayers on our lips..whisper Jesus in 2016. Rebecca Jones



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