Pray In Your New Year


Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and He shall hear my voice. ~Psalms 55:17

Miracles happen!  They happen every day!  They happen all the time!  They are everywhere, every day the sun shines, every time a baby is born, every bird that sings and ever flower that blooms.  But the kind that changes minds and hearts, that takes some effort. You have you study Go’s Word, search your heart, be dedicated to you faith, keep focusing on His love for you.

In my own life, I found that I was often under spiritual attacks, battles with constant illnesses, the more I believed in healing, the more the attacks, finances, the same.  As a Christian, you have an enemy. But better still you have a Savior.

I’m not ashamed of being on my knees.  I took a bad fall, another attack, and then another still, but I’m back on my knees, back on my feet.  As New Year’s is approaching and all the decorations are coming down, I’m reminded of how I’ve chosen to pray in my New Year for so many years. I never attended the all night prayer vigils, which is not a bad idea, if you care to or the Lord guides you, but I always slipped away from the television or whatever I was doing to pray.  Sometimes, at the bedside, sometimes, kneeling.

Let’s make time to pray, to worship, to praise, to be intimate with, to get to know Jesus in 2016.  If you are to busy for Him, you are too busy!  Make time for Him, He’s never to busy for us.

Have a blessed and Happy New Year in 2016!  Rebecca Jones


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