Keep the Christmas Spirit


Let’s try  to keep the Christmas Spirit all year.  As we step into 2016, we can take with us the blessings and the love of the and keep pouring them out to others.  It’s not that hard to make a few phone calls, send a few texts or e-mails, the get well cards, boxes of candy, the birthday cakes.

Let’s keep giving, and resting in His love, not trying to keep a lot of resolutions. I always break them. In fact, I mess up a lot of stuff, but I am a willing soul and not a willing sinner. My thoughts are always on blessing someone if I can, mainly because I think I wish someone could have encouraged me, inspired me, often, I’ve felt juxtaposed between being the good Samaritan and the one on the side of the road.  I know a lot of that is a strong faith, I try not to let things show or wear my heart on my sleeve but it will break from either loneliness or fear or overtaxing yourself as the strong one just the same…..the Lord made a rest for His people. He’s always there to help.

Sometimes, you need a lift. We have been having birthday parties on Pinterest. It’s fun to see what gifts you get, cakes, cards and all  of it.Today was the third party this month, one was mine, one was mother’s.  It’s a creative outlet a not the chat room sort of thing.

Even the cup of cold water given to someone, Jesus knows, whether is coats and blankets to the homeless, or soup from a soup kitchen or just ministering love to our own family. Let’s do it all year, not just now at the holy season of Christmas.

The little things really do matter.  Rebecca Jones


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