Faithful Heart


I’m a dog person. I have always had a poodle.  I have a Yorkie now. I have had birds, I love the little finches, and my cockatiel passed at 30. I have a 7 yr old parrot, who was born on Christmas or so I heard, I adopted her and never got papers.

God made dogs faithful, the Hebrew word for dog is “kelev” or “keleb”, where we get the name Caleb, meaning faithful and some translations say little dog. Caleb was faithful one of the two spies with a good report. He was strong in his old, though he was 80, he was the same as when he was 40, because of his faith.

The other thing about this Hebrew word is ” lev “, ” leb ” is that it means heart. God knew dogs would find a place in our heart. And if look how close it is to our English word love, and the German word for it  “liebe ” You will find that if you study Hebrew you will find that many words come from it. God had to scatter the languages when people of the earth were in agreement to build a tower to heaven.  With everyone in agreement or under such authority, He was not giving Nimrod a corrupt and wicked man a chance to try.

Maybe we can all learn to be faithful and come into agreement with His Word. We don’t want to be the spies who spies who couldn’t believe they get take the land, but like Caleb and Joshua. God puts His love into so many things, and even put the word heart in to the word for dog.

Let’s remember our pets and also the shelters this holiday, and our veterinarians.  Please don’t buy a dog on a whim, they are wonderful friends but need a lot of love and care. Be blessed in Jesus name, Rebecca Jones


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