When Christmas is Blue


We still have five days to make a difference,  I am in prayer that God will send the right people to the right places this holiday season. He wants to bless and restore hurting souls, I feel it burning in my heart and it must be in His.

I have had several in the ministry tell me just that.  Sure, He wants to save the lost.  But I know children are still strongly in His heart. There was a 25 day old baby beaten to death here in Georgia. In another case, I felt so much for a man who killed his disabled son and tried to kill himself.  The son was demanding and the man had always taken care of him, but lately the child was worse and the man was tremendously sleep deprived, at wit’s end, he felt that’s all he could do. And now, he’s a murderer.

Where are the people to step up? This first man didn’t need a child to tend to and the second was pushed beyond  his limit.  Where was someone to help him, let him get some rest? Our systems are flawed and children fall through the cracks. Parents are often in and out rehab and incarcerated, they are left with anyone, in any living conditions. People here sell their food stamps for drugs.  There was little girl who’s been living with addicted parents under a bridge.

God gives people free will and Jesus, Himself, said that there would always be poor people.  We will all toss money into a Salvation Army kettle.  Maybe, donate a toy or two. But let’s do more, consider the ways God would use you to help someone, child or adult or elderly, rich or poor, home bound or homeless. I have been able to help a lady dealing with the miscarriage of a son, it comes around every Christmas. Another lady’s father passed yesterday. A time of joy can be grievous for others, help someone be joyful this season.

Let’s spend some time in prayer this Christmas season, the desserts will wait and the housework will always be there. We’ve seen It’s A Wonderful Life lots of times.  Let’s be like the wise men and seek Him this year. He has gifts waiting to give and for you to receive and He was the best gift ever, one you’ll never return. And He wasn’t under the tree, He was nailed to it.  Be blessed, Rebecca Jones


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