Happy Birthday Mother!


Today is my mother, Linda’s birthday. She is a forever young 72.  I told her some of the girls on the Pinterest board already had her up a cake and one had put up about her being a beautiful soul and a daughter of the King, she promptly agreed.  There have been days, I had to insist she was. She has been through a lot and managed to keep a love for people and wisdom.  It is easy to forget who we are in Christ when difficulties arise and persist.  It’s not always easy to offer up that praise when you don’t feel well are broke or it feels like hell has broken loose.

Most little girls can see themselves as princesses for a while, then reality sets in and expectations are not met, people hurt and disappoint you. Jesus never will.  But He expects faith, it pleases God. If you are truly born again, your are your Father’s daughter, it’s not arrogance or being the b—– word, but confidence in Jesus and G0d our Father, whether we feel like it or not , we are daughters of the King and it never hurts to remember that or be reminded of that. You don’t have to settle for less, be second best or live a whatever life.

I used to be counting change out to buy something and would think things like” Wouldn’t it have been nice to have had  relative to have invented something or a rich,miserly  uncle leave you a million dollars? ” But those thoughts would pass quickly, because I would think that it meant someone would have to die for you to get it.  The truth is someone did, His name is Jesus. He died so that we could live an abundant life rich in love and yes, as we grow and learn discipline, even prosperity.  That is our faith inheritance, sometimes I tell people I have a trust fund. I trust my Father, He’ll have to help me with the funds.

Happy Birthday Mother and Merry Christmas, Daughters of the King. Rebecca Jones


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