Do You Hear What I Hear?


Said the night wind to the little lamb, do you hear what I hear? No, we probably don’t.  And there’s the wind again, the precious Holy Spirit. Babies are precious to God, they are His gift when two people love each other deeply.  Unfortunately, it works that way, if they don’t.  I’ve counseled women, God wants use to have His wisdom. And to use it!

Did you know the Hebrew word for womb also corresponds to the heart of God?  Well, it does! Babies are close to Him. Even babies born to addicts, prematurely, the miscarriages, His Spirit is there. I’m not going to get into why God allows suffering, there is a fallen world and an enemy and God’s covenant with man and free will to cover.

What I’d like to tell you about if you are Christian, and a parent, something you may already know…..the smile in the sleep, the sparkle in the eye. Babies that will laugh and play and try to giggle and sing when they can’t even talk.  I have heard two 6 mos. olds say Jesus very plainly.  One little boy, I watched play with blocks and hand them to someone beside him, an angel? He was pure joy. He was loved and prayed for and is now 20. I’ve seen my dogs watching angels, too.  Oh yes, there’s the daydream gaze but this is joy, a delight in the pure and holy, loving presence of God in the form of His Holy Spirit or even Jesus, Himself in manifest form to them, He spoke of that in the book of John.

I doubt we, as adults, hear what they hear, or at least not nearly as often, the voice of the Lord, angelic interaction, singing, praising rejoicing, lullabies and prayer. How many of us can actually say we a cradled in the arms of Jesus and rocked to sleep?

They grow up, become desensitized, drawn away from their Father, their angels beholding His face, but they don’t have to.  Keep them in the love of Jesus , cover them with His blood, blanket them in prayer, build their faith like their blocks and keep them as sweet as sugar. Give them love and hope, joy and Jesus. Lavish them with love just as your Heavenly Father does, even as they get older, grown. We all need love.  Not spoiling, children should be corrected in the right way.

They are our gifts, they deserve the best gift, Jesus. He’s the best gift to give and to expect and if you are expecting, call good blessings to that baby in Jesus name,  name him/her a name with a beautiful meaning, call him/her that, give that baby to Jesus and Jesus to the baby, a perfect match, a perfect pair. Do you hear what I hear?

May the Lord bless you this season and lavish you with gifts of His Spirit, Have A Merry Christmas.

Listen to what I say. The child, the child, sleeping in the night. He will bring us goodness and light. He will bring us goodness and light. Rebecca Jones /photo Dauphinck, thanks,


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