Watch My Mouth!


Think before you speak, and ” If you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all.”  Good advice. But do we do it? I know I didn’t always do it. How about you?  I’ve  had to grit my teeth, bite my tongue, practically.

And yes, I say things I shouldn’t, don’t we all?  Even though I watched a lot of charismatic ministers and I knew how important it is to keep a good confession of  faith, I’d do it.  And I’d get offended at people for their unbelief.  Jesus did miracles, why don’t you believe He will now? Why wasn’t I healed? The hurt and the fear that other’s words caused me to deal with.

Jesus doesn’t care if you talk about things, the weather, what’s going on, sports, but He wants to be first in your life. Talk to Him, first thing in the morning last thing at night, off and on  all day, in the bathroom, driving along.

Keep the Scriptures before your eyes and in your mouth and in your heart, and be good ground. You have to be, so the devil won’t steal, your joy, your strength, your peace….the promise you’re believing for, healing, financial blessings, miracles…the baby you want, the career, the husband or wife. It’s an ongoing thing, not a one time deal.

People who don’t believe it matters what you say or think are wrong. Words are powerful weapons, for good or evil. They wound, they heal, they hurt, they destroy, they tear down and build up…they accuse falsely, don’t mock people who have faith, it is better to believe good things than not to. It takes, faith, hope and love is the greatest of all.

Jesus emphasized using the Word of God on the devil, He did why wouldn’t we? When that miserable, loudmouth shows up accusing you, and he will, even using people you care about to hurt you, if they lend him their voice. tell him off with God’s Word. Children can be cruel, grown ups can be cruel, they are bullies, that’s all the devil is.  Jesus made him powerless.

There are so many verses about words, the mouth, the tongue, what you say…God pays attention, so should we. It’s a great study with the new year coming up. There is a Watch My Mouth category on my Pinterest  board.  Be blessed, be a blessing, be kind. Rebecca Jones / photo by G Scott, thanks.



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