More Blessed To Give


I’ve done a little online shopping, there are a few gifts under the tree. I have a little time left and a lot to do, expecting a house guest and a couple of visitors. I have to help with meal planning and catch up with my neighbors, and extended family. My mother is having a birthday in there too, and I hope we can just get our hair done.

I used to decorate the house, I used to take Santa pictures for the day care, I used to wrap, bag, decorate, plan all year. And then undo it all.  I have thought about my own ideas.  I’d like to have a room or closet and keep my nice Victorian tree that goes round, up and decorated and adding ornaments along with the many years of dolls, angels, photos.  Then roll it out at Thanksgiving. I have some old and new,ornaments and photos, my poodles, I have crosses and crowns, things to make Christ real to my home, as real a He already is. I knew a lady who disapproved of Christmas trees. Some Messianic Jews do not have one. It’s okay, but I’ve always loved Christmas and I’ve always loved Christ. No one will ever take that away.

I don’t need symbols to know He loves me. But the Bible is full of symbolism, types and shadows and metaphors.  I realize that some  of my readers are Catholic, and I know there are people who disapprove of statues or icons. I am not one of them. I believe that most people are just respectful, not worshiping a statue. They too, are symbols of faith.  The only thing I would ask you to remember is that He is not on that cross, but risen, our powerful advocate with the Father. (See Carrying A Wounded Christ).

I get wrapped up in the holidays, but now I can rest in them. I used to sing a children’s song, ” I’m wrapped up, tied up, tangled up in Jesus. I’m wrapped up tied up, tangled up in God. ” And I am. May God richly and deeply bless you all this holiday. Jesus is our most precious gift, never be afraid to share Him. thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot to me. Rebecca Jones


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