In The Need of Prayer


Behind the smiles and the roses, and decorations the holidays can be more than stressful for so many. There is loneliness, from just being alone or even in a crowd.  Sometimes that is a deep longing for God.  Sometimes, we just need a shoulder to cry on or a kind word or just a day off or a big bowl of ice cream.

And then there are deeper issues, like divorce, loss of a pet or loved one. I knew of a lady who passed on 12/25 at exactly 12:25.  It is a great time to go to heaven but it was devastating to the family. Illness and death, hospitalization, nursing homes, all the sadness there is in the world can be overwhelming against the backdrop of pretty packages and Christmas carols.

Jesus is still or best gift and our only real hope and joy. He loves us unconditionally, He is merciful and kind beyond words. He is easily  touched by our infirmities. He is the light of the world, and calls us to be light in a world of darkness.

This season is a time of giving.  The best gift is Jesus and the time we give each other. Let’s take time out from shopping to phone someone, to check on neighbors and the elderly.  Drop off old clothes at shelters, the nursing home I visited, actually my mother visited more, liked for people to donate toothbrushes, soap, socks, sugar free candy for diabetics.

Sometimes people really don’t need someone to talk to as much as someone to listen.  Cards, kind words, candy canes, go a long way in a little time well spent, just listening to someone reminiscing or pour out their heart.

Jesus is Christmas and Christmas is love…We want to keep Christ in Christmas, so let’s keep Christ in us, in our hearts, in our home. And in our caring and sharing with others.

Rebecca Jones


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