Colors of the Wind


I like the song from Pocohantas, Colors of the Wind.  The Holy Spirit is described as a mighty, rushing wind, and again as unable to see Him in John.  When I saw this, I thought of all the people Jesus had saved, all colors, all nationalities.  We all live in one world, divided by oceans and borders.  Some of us are more blessed to hear the good news or the gospel of peace than others.  So, if you know Jesus and read this, please share Him with someone who does not.  We are all different, different faces, different features.  And while some women have been forced to endure things like foot binding and mutilation in the past, and there is still some today,  because it is a ritual or considered beautiful, most of us are blessed with salons and spas and make up of all kinds and perfumes. But true beauty comes from within, from the precious and quiet stillness of time spent with our beautiful Lord. He is altogether lovely. We are all different and yet all the same. We need Jesus. We are all different, different skin tones, different countries, different walks of life.  But we that are believers in Jesus are one in the Spirit, we are the colors of the wind. And He paints beautifully with us. Rebecca Jones


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