Jesus makes us shine with His glory. He never wants us to to be hidden away, under a bushel as the parable says. He wants our beautiful face to glow and radiate His love and tenderness. I used to see that in so many children. A lot of times now there is hardly more than an eye roll and asking for something to eat, as they stare aimlessly at phones or tables.

I used to do family daycare and we would sing. We sang praises to Jesus, and we watched television and movies. The children had video games, but that wasn’t the focus of school. I will neither advocate or disavow home school, it is a personal decision. I know that the small children benefited greatly from love and care and a Pre K that was of my making. There was joy in their faces.

I even had a little boy who at eight could read the Bible, a girl who went from fear to faith and was in the chess club, the 4th of July parade with her priest. They argued got in time out, a smack on the bottom if needed, but they care about each other. I spoke to one girl about making fun of a boy’s torn pants. During a Halloween party, a boy who was scaring a girl ripped off his mask yelling I “It’s just me. ” He knew it was wrong and wasn’t doing it to hurt her.

I can still see the faces of some of those children lighting up as toddler and pre schoolers. One little boy positively glowed in the sunshine as stood in the door, His blonde hair catching every ray of light. Like my own child, I knew a mother’s love. I miss that in some of the children I see now. And they need it.

Teach children to shine, to stand out. Teach them about Jesus. Let them stand in the Son. Rebecca Jones / stock snap


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