Light of Heaven



Jesus will be our light in Heaven, there will be no night, no time as we know it. Let’s let Him be our light here on earth, just as in Heaven.  Just as He prayed in the Lord’s prayer, let His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

What a glorious wonder He is and His glory surrounds us as believers if we allow will allow it to. We must learn to walk in the Spirit and refresh ourselves daily in His rest. We can learn to walk in His light.  There are people who are in darkness in the brightest of sunshine and people who give off His light in the darkest of night.

I want to be in the latter.  I have seen the darkness of depression and illness overtake the light in some. It does not have to. it does not have eat away at the mind that is part of our soul. So let His light and love in. Get your fill of daily sun, not vitamin D but J for Jesus, the light of the world.

He is life, light and love and He is our love and peace. He will cause us to walk in His light and our eye will look into the Son.

Rebecca Jones / Timm Fleissgarten / Unsplash  thank you.


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