Arise and Shine



I do Hebrew word studies, kumi is rise, get up and ori is usually light, shine is a good definition also. It brings to mind the daughter of Jairus being raised from the dead, Jesus says “Talitha, cumi or kumi…” little girl would be bat kol,  cumi, kumi…rise, get up.  He never called her dead. that is the way God works, He speaks life.

Jesus made a point of everything He did and it was at Hanukkah that He gave His light of the world declaration, and believe me He is, and He never makes mistakes or misses a beat, and fortunately for me He covers those mistakes I make, not just forgiveness, literal mistakes, things I miss or that are unintentional.

Even as the Hanukkah season closes*, let’s remember who our light is and remember to shine. So get up, rise and shine our light is Jesus and He has come, His glory has risen from the dead and has risen upon us. It is interesting to compare the very glory or Spirit, and the raising of the dead to our own salvation experience.

He not only came to seek and save the lost but to give life and life more abundantly. Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave. Death is but a demon that swallows up life, that keeps the soul of the unbeliever, but Jesus takes the believer from his grasp. Jesus gave us power and authority over the enemy.

But we have to rise and shine and walk in His glory in order to overcome every foul spirit, unclean spirit and tormenting or evil spirit. We have the power to rise and shine and keep a watch over our renewed minds and hearts. we can cast down the imaginations and bring them into obedience. Not that we are always obedient, how wonderful if that we true.

We can bring them into submission the obedience of Christ. He obeyed perfectly even unto death. He had total trust in His Father. Imagine being human after knowing only love and peace, coming from heaven to ancient Roman times and oppressive rule, being crucified after torture, demons coming for you and still having the power to believe the Holy Spirit would come for you and not leave you in death, hell or the grave. Jesus has those keys. And we have Jesus.

Reread the gospels, there were many times, enemies, all at the devil’s behest, tried to kill Jesus. He could not have been killed unless He was willing to lay His life down for His friends. read closely, He starts to call the disciples friends because servants don’t know their Master’s business. What a friend we have in Jesus. He even call Judas friend as He is kissed and betrayed. Now, that is love.

I, for one, have trouble forgiving, not so much forgiveness, but the seventy time seven, the same old stuff when people know better, the cruel, the vicious, spiteful and hurtful, because I know Him so well. I know that love. Jesus must have been hurt so often. How often do we hurt Him?

I pray He is speaking life back into the ” dead ” dreams and hopes and visions of His friends, the enemy has stalked us far too long and like Jesus, we escape, he has longed to steal, and done so by our lack of knowledge or diligence, kill, he has tried with sickness, diseases, set traps for us to fall into. And he has failed because of Jesus. Oh, he would destroy us if he could and he will try to destroy our peace, health. our testimony.

But like the daughter of Jairus, the woman with the issue of blood, the woman at the well, Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany, He can say arise daughter,  kumi ori, rise and shine, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you, lift up your eyes and see.

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you., thank you. Isaiah 60:1

Rebecca Jones / Amanda Carlson

  • This post was from Hanukkah, December 2015. Hanukkah falls on different days each year.


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