The Light Within


Deep inside us all is the real us.  We are spirits, just like God. We have souls, made up of our minds, wills and emotions.  I think most people might want to be good. But then, what is their definition of good?  Jesus says no one is good but God.  Contrary to belief, He doesn’t lie, hate or make you sick to teach you lessons. But He did make rules and He follows them.  He gave men and women free will to choose and they have dominion or authority over their lives.  They can choose to bless or curse, to speak good or evil and to live the same.

Our spirits are born again when we receive Christ as Lord, we receive eternal life. But the problem is the enemy comes against us in our thoughts, our minds have to be renewed daily. (Sometimes, I feel like minute by minute. )  Women especially, I know because I am one, can let their emotions control them or be out of control. I have had to just openly weep before the Lord recently, because I had tried to be so strong for too long.  I was about to explode with emotion.  Things we write off as just being a women or menopause, can be spiritual.

Keep lists, make sure you forgive, don’t go to bed angry, find verses that apply to you. Do you have a temper? Do you need to slow down? Are you lonely?  Talk to Jesus about it.

If you are single, wait for the right person. If you are married, read what God says about it, women will be submissive to a loving husband.  He wants husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church.  Husbands should comfort their wives.  Marriage is a pleasure and a joy when the two really are one with the Lord.

He is the light that burns brightly within us, we cannot hide His love.

Rebecca Jones /stock photo


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