Grace , Grace…


Grace and favor are interchangeable in some instances. It is important to delve deeper into the Word of God. Grace, by definition is the undeserved, unmerited favor of God, that while we sinners, He sent His Son to pay the price for us all.  Jesus dealt with sin and became our High Priest.  Many people are confused about the grace message as was I.  I never understood how people could just keep sinning.  Now I know that they probably have only a head knowledge of Jesus, and not a heart one.  If you love Jesus, you don’t want to hurt Him.

Let’s shout grace, grace to our mountains, and watch them move in 2016. Grace moves fear, because God is love, and grace is the gift whereby we are saved, nothing we have done.  It is also a divine talent or gift, the grace of the Holy Spirit. What a gift to treasure this holiday season. For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.  John 1:16

Rebecca Jones /photo pixhere


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