Lead With Your Heart


I read this term in a post today.  It was being used by a ballet instructor.  I never got to take ballet, a few extra pounds will cause people to pass right over you and that’s a shame because I always enjoyed my aerobics in the 80’s , bad back and all, I found myself praising the Lord and watching myself get fit.

Over the years, I sang and danced with many children, and always taught them about Jesus. I never excluded anyone, unless their behavior demanded it.  I saw smart kids get smarter, a shy and fearful one  become a little performer and a member of the chess club.  They  knew enough about Jesus to know what was right and wrong.

I had one little boy who could read as well as I could, any Bible study material, or book. He was 8.  And my little golden boy, who could sing and dance and smile like an angel.  His blonde hair glowed on his neck as he stood in the sun, he was the love of my life….now 20.

I was once asked to help pick cheer leading mascots in high school.  Of course, the chubby girl was a kindergarten assistant.  We were to choose by grades, and personality.  But when the teacher came to this little black girl, she and I both agreed, smart, yes, personality, plus…then the teacher said, “She’s as big as some of the other girls, she might hurt them or their backs. ”  That was that.  That little girl loved me would hug me, kiss me, she stayed in afternoon care with me.  She was precious, and precious to God.

I was a kid myself, hurt by cruel words, and I let this slide. As an adult, I often thought of this determined not to do that to anyone else.  We could have given her pom poms and told her that her job was to walk up and down in front of the others, it should not have been hard to come up with a solution without hurting her feelings.  I wish I could remember if she was nearby when the teacher decided.  Today, I’d make a different choice. I see ridiculous reality shows and people seem to enjoy destroying one another.

What ever happened to friendship, love and kindness?  What would Jesus do?  Thankfully, He never divided people up.  You’re not rich enough, you’re too sick, you’re not from around here…no, He loved and healed them all.

And He chose us…He picked me. I wasn’t good enough for ballet at 6, I was lousy at math, always wanted to be a writer, but never got to study journalism, get that novel out.  But He chose me, loves me and I’m perfect for Him and He for me.  He leads with His heart and He’s always en pointe.

Rebecca Jones


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