Healing the Broken Hearted


I wish I could tell you that hearts don’t break, they do.  But the good news is that there is a Sweet Heart Healer, his name is Jesus.  Take all your little shattered pieces and lay them at His nail scarred feet.  With firm and loving nail scarred hands, He will gently mend it.  It may be an instant, it may time some time but never give up hope.  It’s a delicate procedure, like a puzzle with a thousand small pieces and you have to find the edges.  It may  be that there’s sliver or a shard that went astray, but that too is okay for He can replace anything that’s missing. Hope? He’ll put that in. Faith? It’s a gift, He’ll give, you must tend it like a garden and keep out the weeds, but He’ll help you with that too. Love?  Do you think you can’t love or an unworthy of love?  If you love you are vulnerable, but you are also valuable and worthy.  If you receive Jesus, even the darkest heart will be pierced by His light and love.

Forgiveness is a part of healing the broken heart, ask for Jesus to forgive you.  Now that He has, forgive yourself, you have to, to heal. Do not carry what He has broken off your heart to make you whole. Forgive others, who have hurt you, whether you explain to them or not. Some people will not admit it, some may be unaware and not what your talking about.  Explain, if you can, and it’s safe to do so.  You cannot bandage a bullet wound.  Some wounds are deep, always remember the scourging Jesus took was deeper still.  He will cover you in the power of His blood and fill your brokenness with oil, with healing, with tender mercy and gentle peace.  There, isn’t that better?

Don’t leave your broken heart around for more to step on it, let Jesus fix it, make it stronger. Let it beat with the rhythm of His love and stay safe in His arms.  Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard it.  I didn’t always do that well enough and kept being hurt.  Finally, I just asked Jesus to help me guard it.  I hope this has helped you in some way.  Rebecca Jones


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