Ethereal Angel



The fairest, most delicate and divine beings ascending and descending to and from, their realm into ours, lovely ministering spirits following the precious Holy Spirit, calling us to love and believe in the greatest gift of all, God’s beloved Son, Jesus.

Ethereal angels are all around, probably the most elusive angels and rarely seen, at least that’s what I’d like to think. Sometimes, it’s just a thought or a waking sort of daydream and you get an inspiration, when you get the best parking space or arrive ten minutes early.

The quiet calm that surges through the bedroom and the dreamy flutter of eyelids as you drift off to sleep or even wake to sunlight kissing your lashes.  The deep thought you find yourself in as you go soundly to sleep. The Holy Spirit is precious and angels are always with Him. Let Him comfort you, let angels work on your behalf according God’s purpose. Rebecca Jones



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