Elysian Angel


The idea of angels are different to each of us.  There are the cherubs, and they are cute.  And of course the recognized classes of angel hierarchy,  but if you think that angels are feminine or flighty, think again.  And though some think there are only all male angels, I beg to differ. There is a story in Ezekiel that describes women with wind in their feet.  Angels? I had this discussion with a minister, why make everything male and female but not angels?

Angels are powerful protectors in the service of the Lord. Archangel is the highest rank. But there are also fallen angel, because the devil took a third with him.  But we have so many more and Jesus.  We don’t have to worry, just pray Psalm 91 & 103 and anything that promises protection.  Pray over your children, schools, workplaces.

Avoid deceptive teaching, they are not to be worshiped. You do not become an angel when you die. They do not automatically intervene. God sends them to answer prayers. They engage in spiritual warfare on our behalf.  You don’t have to light candles to draw them, they are not tricksters. Those would be demons.

The Holy Spirit will help you discern if you are a believer…and He is full of joy and glad to provide angelic protection, elysian (heavenly) angels. Rebecca Jones


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