The Best Gift


What was my best,my greatest gift?

One received and giving still…..

The very best of the very best,

The favorite of favorites, my very will.

What became the star of my heart?

The stirring of my soul?

Not a diamond, nor a pearl,

Just one sent for this girl.

Was it a rose? In a way.

Does it bloom, loom larger everyday?

Is it sentimental, ornamental?

Expensive or refined?

Is it fragrant, radiant,

Does it sparkle or shine?

Yes, it does smell sweet,

It gives off light, and it’s mine!

So what is this gift, silver, gold?

A brilliant star in the night to behold,

A night  silent and still, a sky darkened for angels to fill.

The most beautiful story ever told.

A baby born long ago,

The little boy Mary had longed to hold.

A savior, sweet and bright,

Always there to make things right.

Like a little manna from  heaven

All round and snowy white.

The Prince of Peace was born that silent night.

The Father’s love placed in Him in the womb.

Mary embraced Him, placed Him in a manger.

Hewn from rock, like a little tomb.

The Savior sweet and bright, O Holy Night.

Love enfolded, emboldened Him, on a cross to pay.

Love pure and divine, my best gift ever?

My Jesus, yes, He’s mine…forever and a day.

The little babe, the brightest star.

My best gift ever, surely you are.

Rebecca Jones

Today is my birthday and I’m blessed to be a forever young 54.  Loving Jesus will keep you healthy and strong. He’s the best gift I could give anyone, He has seen me through so much, spared me from pain and helps me overcome. I am blessed that I might others with the same healing and wonderful words, He gives me.


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