Bathed In Light


Jesus walked through the desert and the sand.

Washing feet was a must.

The task of the lowliest servant,

The Lord upon Himself, asking the disciples trust.

Peter objected, vehemently, he was having none of this.

Judas must have been there, yet, betrayed him with a kiss.

” Peter, you will have no part of me. ”

” Lord, my head and and hands as well. ”

Then He leaned down to explain,

They didn’t understand what He had to tell.

Peter was clean and so are we,

By His saving grace, nothing can replace,

His salvation makes us free.

The enemy moves through dust,

Demons search dry places, not full of His Spirit.

Washing our feet, in His Word is a must.

Carrying His peaceful gospel, for all to hear it.

How beautiful our feet should be,

Washed and free of sand.

Bathed in His love and light,

Perfumed, pedicured and just as beautiful as He planned.

Rebecca Jones




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