Girl With A Dove


I posted this girl with doves. Originally, I had posted a Native American girl but she could someone’s artwork,and I changed it but decided to read a little more history about the colonists and Native Americans.  I suppose the two that come to mind are  Pocahantas and Squanto, who impacted history greatly.  Pocahantas became a Christian, took the name Rebecca and married an English tobacco farmer, John Rolf and though some don’t believe the account of John Smith, that she saved his life by putting her head over his to keep her father from bashing it with a war club, I can see it happening, not exactly like the movie. She fell ill and died at 21.

The settlers at Plymouth were reduced to rationing corn to five kernels a day.  So many had died when Squanto returned to America, he was also on board with John Smith, he helped them to learn to grow maize or corn.  He had been captured and sold into slavery and traveled to London. Sometimes, I’m amazed at how little we really know about history or the Bible.  He asked the governor to pray for him, he wanted to go the white man’s heaven. Both these Native Americans chose Jesus.  His love knows no boundaries, He is there for all people the world over, and whatever you believe, He can give you the Holy Spirit to discern the true from the false. Our God is a good God and there is darkness in Him at all, if fact, the darkness He created and called night , He called it good.  And it was.  Man has always had a choice, a free will, many choose the darkness thinking they hide, but God knows.


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