Sleep To the Beloved


He gives sleep to His beloved,

Rest in my rest, tonight.

Sleep, while the Prince of Peace holds you,

Everything will be alright.

Kneel at the bed post,

Say a prayer…Father, Son….

The Holy Ghost fills the air.

Sleep in heavenly peace now,

And without a care.

You cast them upon me,

In your evening prayer.

Rest now, little one,

Today is over, your worries are, none.

Angels beside you,

At your head.

Watchers are watching,

Guarding your bed.

Your thoughts of the day,

Are of me, now, instead.

Remember, what I whisper to you,

I AM Jesus, Prince of peace,

I AM, the living word.

Sleep in heavenly peace,

Remember, what you’ve heard.

Nothing is impossible for me,

It’s not nearly as bad as it seems.

Good night, beloved, pleasant dreams.

I no longer need to sleep,

So make no mistake.

I’ll be here in the morning,

To kiss your lashes wide awake.

Rebecca Jones

photo / Karen Nadine


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