Another Daughter of The King


Daughter of the king, I crown you royally, regally.

I Am Abba, God, Father, you are mine loyally, legally.

My beloved Son redeemed, you as a bride.

Daughter of the king, my arms are open wide.

It is Jesus, my only Son, you stand beside.

Safe, in loving tenderness, you will abide.

There is nothing I will not do for you.

You know my Word is true.

Even, my Son, I did not spare.

He sits besides me on His throne,

He is waiting there.

You  are as pure as the driven snow.

On you, perfect gifts,  I do bestow.

My priestly blessing, I do endow.

My crown of peace, you wear it now.

My joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Yes, my Son wrote your love story.

He planned your ways, and your days.

Yes, all of them.

You took wrong turns, ran from cruel men.

So always, you turned to Him.

His righteous blood bought you your robe,

Fashioned of silk, purple and gold.

You are eternally, young.

You’ll never grow old.

With sandalwood and myrrh,

Bathed and scented,

Perfumed waters, just for her.

Dancing in pearl high heeled shoes,

Hair spinning like silk.

Lips, red and threaded, smile.

Eyes like doves, pools of blue and white.

Rosette cheeks, skin soft and like milk.

You are mine, your name is engraved.

I’m so proud of you darling daughter,

Princess, that I saved.

All I did, I did for you,

Though no one else saw your worth.

I died to give you heaven on earth.

Rebecca Jones/ all original poetry / God Bless!

photo / pixabay


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