Trust Him


You who fear (respect) Him, trust in the Lord. Psalm 115:11

It is a very healthy thing to have reverence or respect for the Lord. The word fear is meant to imply that, for it would be a terrible fate not to know Him.  That would put you into the place of fear and terror.  Let’s rightly divide the Word, He wants and demands respect, for He is an awesome and powerful God.  He wants us to love Him freely and come to Him, not be afraid of Him.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to bless you today. My name is Rebecca Jones and all my poetry is original. The name of the blog is https://adaughtersgiftoflove and it is dedicated to my mother, Linda.  I really want women to know that Jesus is there for them.

Jesus loves you, and I love you enough to tell you so. Rebecca Jones/ photo…pexels


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