Shadow of the Bride


There you see her, the beautiful bride,

Waiting for the beloved bridegroom, Jesus.

She walks in His love.

Waiting to stand at His side.

She is lovely, her skin blushed, not pale.

With His Spirit, inside her..

He will safely hide her,

And she will not fail.

Though it is her shadow on the wall,

Jesus is Lord of all,

He could be right beside her,

As one supposes,

His shadow blending in,

The Rose of Sharon, sweet smelling roses.

And what we often do not see is this,

He has sealed her to the day of redemption,

With a Holy Spirit kiss.

His shadow is over her,

Like feathers of a dove.

High over her head, like manner, an umbrella,

The Lord’s banner over her, the penumbra of His love.

Rebecca Jones


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