Prayer For Cancer Patients



The color pink is used as symbol of hope. You see it all the time in walks, runs, on T-shirts and ribbons. I study Christian dream symbolism, and the way God uses numbers, not numerology or psychic insight. We are talking about God using the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Pink is noted as a fleshly color, and cancer is in the body. May the blood of Jesus cover you today, I speak to cancers, of all kind, in Jesus name, it is far above all names. Be healed, loosed, covered in a beautiful red scarf and the precious blood of the Lamb.

If you have a red scarf or shirt put it over the pink one as an act of faith. Jesus loves you, He does want you to be healed.  Receive that love in Jesus name.  Be blessed today!

 Rebecca Jones photo…..pixabay

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