Prayer and Thanksgiving Warrior


I chose this photo for my mother’s Pinterest board about warriors.  I’m not always sure what the intent of the artist is, they often come from games. But it is my intent to use the beautiful  warrior woman as a symbol of our calling by God to be a chosen people. She may have a slight appearance of darkness.  But rather, for our study, she is battle worn. Her eyes, red from tears and intercessory prayer. She is tired and weary in her well doing.  The Bible speaks about saying we should not be. Her dagger or sword is one of the Spirit, cutting and dividing swiftly, spirit and soul (mind,will,emotions). It looks as if it has drawn blood, but instead is the reflection of her radiant auburn locks.  The blood of Jesus covers her completely.

What does this have to do with Thanksgiving”? I thought you’d never ask.  In the Old Testament, singers and praisers went before the soldiers into battle.  What were they singing?

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever… Psalm 107:1 says steadfast love….

With all the holiday comings and goings, it is easy to slip out of the commitment to pray, praise and worship, but if we pray from His rest, He goes before and the battle belongs to the Lord.  And it is okay to say no in a polite way, don’t stress out over the holidays. Only God can be everywhere. God deserves out time, our praise and our thanksgiving.

That’s why I decided there should be such person as a prayer and thanksgiving warrior.


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