May I Pray For You Today? Thanks…


Today is Veterans Day in the United States, and I offer thanks to the men and women who serve. Yet, there are many warriors in the Kingdom of God.  Many of you don’t even know you are a warrior. Parents, teachers, grandparents, caregivers, medical professionals.  Whether you drive a mini-van or a tank, if you serve the Lord. You are in His army and on the battlefield.  Lately, our battlefields have appeared to turn on each other, those who want to be tolerant are adamant against those who preach against sin. And the message of grace is set upon when some believe we’re giving out licenses to sin. People are doing it anyway.  Christians, like myself, suffered under the weight of condemnation, I really thought there was something hindering my healing. I did not need the Ten Commandments, I needed Isaiah 53.  Jesus is what it’s all about . No one seems to mind God…if He is everyone’s version. But believers can read that God gave everything over to His Son. Why? He was the one crucified! He fulfilled laws that no one kept, and taught grace and peace and not sin consciousness but Christ consciousness. Are you weary, heavy laden, oppressed….our boots may be on the ground but He is in our hearts….

Father, in Jesus name, I come before you with thanks, you are such a good God in times like these, a very present help.  I speak the name above all names over our friends and readers today. I speak to sickness and disease to be gone, from the very hour they read this.  I speak the blood of Jesus over them, keep them from that wicked one. Purge the thoughts of harm and replace them with those of good. It gives you great pleasure to hear your children are walking in light. If they walk in fear, and doubt and worry and live in stress, they are not at rest and peace with you. Help them to find their prayer closets, the quiet corner of their home or office. And also, the one in their mind, the quiet place to let your mind  rest on thought of our precious Jesus, if just for a moment.  That’s all it takes.  Bless the bedrooms of couples with quiet, still the children with holy angels. Let love be rekindled in the way you meant it to be. husbands, comfort your wives as Christ loved His church, and wives, be submissive to that love.  We are called to be one,just as Jesus said, I and my Father are one. If you are not married, Jesus knows the right person, wait.  Don’t follow bad advice like Sarah gave Abraham. Help us to not give the enemy a way into our lives, he takes every opportunity to divide homes, he knows a home divided will not stand.  It’s not that we don’t have faith, or even that we doubt, it is simply a matter of putting you first and resting in your love.  We give you our problems but then try to fix them ourselves, and we can’t do it without you. And if you have lost loved ones or disobedient children or grown up adult ones, who are causing you worry, turn them over to Jesus, even if they are gone from you, Jesus knows where they are, He will be with them, and He gives us all every chance. Be blessed, very blessed, heavenly blessed, you are God’s beloved.  Favor is on its way, healing is on its way. Peace is on the way. I thank you Lord for being the God who sees, you have leaned  to listen and I know you hear. Amen, praise you, Jesus. We are resting warriors. We are able to take our stand of faith, we walk in the light, we will not fear.  We know you are able to do more than we can ask or think. We believe and receive that love heals, protects and preserves, you never leave or forsake us.  We choose, joy, peace, blessings. You Lord Jesus, alone, have defeated every foe. You are our shepherd and we will not want for anything as long as you are Lord. And you are!


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