Fruit of the Lips



From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things, and the work of their hands brings them reward. …Proverbs 12:14

What is the fruit of our lips? Our words, our worship, our praise.  What we speak not only affects others but ourselves as well.  We can love or hate with our lips. We can sing or be silent. We can encourage or discourage.  If we took inventory, we’d be surprised….

We can let our our spirits in for a let down, if we take to heart the negative or hurtful things said to us or even our own negative thoughts that we hurl at ourselves. We can wound others so deep that they may never heal, and they in turn the same to us.  Forgiveness is such a big part of love, and letting go.

I can’t always keep my mouth shut, I’ve asked the Lord to help me with that. Lord, let me follow my own advice. Practice what I preach, know the time to speak and when to stay silent. Let my words please you, Lord….if only I could speak like I write.  That might be fun for a while, but since I write poetry, everything would have to rhyme, I can’t talk like that all the time. Hope that made you smile. Be blessed today, I am blessed to be a blessing.


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