Patience and Self Control


This lady is a good example of someone who could use self control.  Face it! We’ve all been there!  I was there a couple of hours ago, and yesterday, and last week. And maybe, next week.  You get message. And thankfully, so does Jesus. Hey, He cleaned out the temple and called people vipers.

It’s okay to get angry as long as you don’t sin, or stay mad. Never go to bed that way, especially if you are married. If you have children, you have probably looked as frazzled as this poor woman.  God must feel that way about us sometimes. Maybe that why He counts the hair on our heads.

Seriously though, Jesus can relate to us because He took on humanity. He was the only perfect one.  So talk to Him about all the things that bother you. He understands.  He never leaves or forsakes us. He sticks closer than a brother. Hey, He had disciples arguing, people thought He was crazy or possessed. They wanted to stone Him. And all He ever did was to tell good stories about how to live and heal the sick.

I’ve heard people say to pray for patience means that you’ll get trouble to learn it. I suppose that’s possible.  But Jesus said in the parable of the birds of the air, that trouble or evil was sufficient every day. I maintain that the closer you get to God, the more trouble comes to stop you.  If you are having difficult days as a child of God, you are not alone.

Just remember, help is on the way, His name is Jesus and legions of angels are being dispatched to help. Take a deep breath, give Him praise. Be blessed.


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