Manna From Heaven


Sweet wheat and barley,

Make the bread we bake.

But Jesus came as the bread of heaven,.

Manna pure and white, without leaven.

God sent manna in the wilderness,

At first, it was round and white.

Falling from the morning sky so, light.

Day by day, it was plentiful and sweet.

But the people complained,

They wanted something else to eat.

The manna changed in color,

It was less than white,

Much like the word of God,

To some, it is of no delight.

For some of Jesus teaching,

Has become like the bread of leaven.

No longer taught as pure, mixing religions.

Yet, He is still the bread of heaven.

He is still full of love and grace.

There is no one who could ever take His place.

He is still gentle, tender, and giving.

No longer on a cross, but His throne,

Alive and living.

He is still the bread of life,

Sent by God to heal and save.

His Spirit blows about the earth.

Making every grain to wave.

He is there, He is waiting,

For us to call on Him.

Like manna falling in the wilderness,

Pure food for them.

His words are spirit and they are truth.

A greater than Solomon, taught sages as a youth.

Surely, He has answers for our cares.

He is High Priest, answer to our prayer.

He came as a babe in Bethlehem,

Meaning ” house of bread “,

Let’s listen to His Spirit and His love,

In our hearts, and live in joy and peace instead.


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