A Time of Thanks


Now that the month of November is here, it is a time to reflect on being thankful.  It’s not a once a year thing, but an every day one. And our thoughts and words should reflect that. I used to see people all the time saying, Thank you Jesus, Hallelujah, and the old stand by, Bless him Lord.  It had a ring of rehearsal about it, like something you’d expect Christians to say, I’m not saying that they were not sincere, nor ungrateful. I suppose they had cause to praise.  But I never wanted to be that kind of person, a copycat, or even a Bible thumper. And you know what, I’m not! I’m not judging these people, either, nor comparing myself to them. That never works.  We have one Lord and many gifts and we all learn and receive and pray and worship differently.

What I do know is that I have been so blessed and I am forever thankful, daily and eternally. I know what is to have missed out on blessings by focusing on outward religious trappings, the fear of what others think. I almost lost the most precious of people with my lack of knowledge and I won’t do it again.  While I worried what I was doing right or wrong and what might happen, and questioning the Lord who knew me best.  I was looking outwardly, and I was broken, but He was looking at that tender broken heart and He would not see that smoking flax put out where there was once a fire of joy and passion. There was still oil in my lamp. He could see what I could not, and knew what I did not know.

I may have needed the oil of joy for mourning my losses in life, but He is faithful to restore. This November is different.  My praise and worship may not be like others but it is powerful and deep and from the depths of my heart and soul. You are worthy to be praised…no one else could open those seals, I’m sorry you had to take my place, you didn’t have to. There is none like you. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.


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