Daughter of Peace


What a gentle breeze is blowing,

What a gentle spirit!

Every little sleeve is showing it,

And without even knowing it,

Jesus is near, hear it.

Whisper it, whisper it,

Breathe in His name,

Daughter of peace,

Love Him, you’ll never love the same.

Doves and angels rustling, bustling,

Feathers all around.

Winged wisps of heaven’s delight,

Now, the calming I have found

Daughter of peace,

Laughing, singing, dancing ’round.

The doves are cooing,

And the Prince of Peace is wooing you.

Daughter of peace, daughter of grace,

God is shining in your face.

Look to the Lord, His love is for you,

It fills over into the skies…

And the ocean of fears,

That spilled from your cries is dried.

No matter how much that you grieved,

You always believed…and…

Daughter of peace, the Lord  was inside.

That should be no surprise,

Now, daughter of peace,

Look  upon Him, with holy, heavenly eyes.

And you will be forever His daughter,

Both wonderful and wise.

Rebecca Jones / photo pixabay/ melancholiaphoto


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