Carrying Peace


Can you imagine be a young virgin and the angel giving you this news, would we say we are the servant of the Lord, and go through the ridicule?  It’s not likely, we would have to endure any of these hardships,  we are not likely to have to flee for our lives in the middle of the night to keep a king from killing our children.  Though we could all use a few wise men.

Mary’s life may not have been one of ease, but was obviously a servant of God and pondered the words spoken by the angel, in her heart.  She may have known by the Holy Spirit, things that she could only dwell on and not tell.  He would have had to comfort her and be  upon her, literally, protecting Jesus, the Son of God.  She probably had no morning sickness, no backaches or none of the swollen ankles or other birth pangs.  Though she was a daughter of Eve, and under the curse.  She was chosen, blessed.  Jesus does that for you. Women today can claim the promises He gives them about their health, protection and their children.

And if you are born again, the Holy Spirit resides in you and not just upon you. And if you walk in the spiritual gifts and anointing, you do have a better covenant. He loves you, He loves mothers, fathers and babies are His reward.  He had a good plan. It was up to us to follow, not blindly obeying any man, but in submission to God, husband….then the family life.  God always comes first.

Mary was blessed to carry the Prince of Peace as a baby, a little boy, to see Him a young man. It devastated her to see Him mocked, scourged, crucified.  We are blessed to carry the Prince of Peace, in our hearts, our spirits, our minds. And we saw Him as a baby, a boy, a young man, it should devastate us, that because of us He was mocked, scourged  and crucified.  He did it out of love, for Mary, for us,she saw Him raised from the dead.  We saw Him raised from the dead.  She saw Him ascend, we will ascend with Him in the Rapture and return will Him also.

Mary knew Jesus intimately as His mother, every gesture, every pensive moment of His day as carpenter, but could she have truly know His precious heart that was so willing to die a horrible death to save humanity? Maybe not.  That kind of love is inconceivable to most of us.  We should desire to also know the Prince of Peace intimately, even if never fully understand His heart, we should just be glad, He was conceived.


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