Peace On Earth


Surely there wan’t peace on earth at the time of Jesus birth. Herod was in charge and about to kill babies to make sure the Jews wouldn’t have a Messiah, the nation as a whole rejected Him but He will indeed redeem Israel.  He was the peace, and He was on earth.

I could never imagine sacrificing your child.  Abraham had to be fully persuaded that God would raise Isaac, even from ashes.  The angel stayed his hand. But God did not spare His own Son for us. Jesus was a bouncy baby boy like any other, nestled against mother’s bosom. He was cuddled, swaddled, spoiled in the good sense of the word. He was active, but not bratty. When He wandered off as a tween, He was at church, teaching he old guys.

He was probably cute! He wiggled and giggled and smiled. He happily played with angels as He lay in His manger.  But if you read this post, look up what a real manger looks like.  It is not a wooden box with hay. It’s a hewn out stone. Even as a baby, He was in something that resembled a tomb.  God saved Him from Herod with a dream. He gave Him up for us, He looked away, as He took all the blows and lashes.  But He saved Him from that tomb!

If you ever think God doesn’t love you, remember how much He loved Jesus and He gave Him up for us.


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