Heartbeat For Jesus


When my heart was beating loudly,

If it pounded, or ached.

When my heart was lonely,

Even when it was broken.

His love, He had spoken.

It still beats for Jesus,

He will see me through.

I know His love is perfect.

He’ ll be the calm in me,

He had to.

I was a girl with cares,

When I sought my Prince of Peace,

He answered my prayers.

He always had,  I didn’t know it.

Not keeping my heart in His peace,

The thief came and stole it.

It cost me my well being, my wealth.

I was failing every day, in every way.

It cost me my peace of mind,

It cost me my health.

Yet, my heart beat for Jesus,

I knew He was my Healer.

He rescued a lonely, orphaned heart,

From the peace stealer.

And now I will be strong in the Lord,

In the power of His might.

The Lord will always be, to me,

The way, the truth, the life, and light.

My heartbeat is for Jesus,

He is always on my mind.

He is so merciful, so loving and kind.

My heartbeat is for Jesus.

It’s at rest and unafraid.

What a decision, for me, He made.

The price, He paid for me.

The life, He laid down for me.

Sound and strong and in rhythm,

Prince of Peace, my heartbeat, is for Him.


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