Daughter of the King


Daughter of the King,

Come sit upon the Throne,

I am your Heavenly Father,

Unlike anyone you’ve known.

I saw you before you were born,

A tiny little spirit, your earthly father’s seed.

I knit you together in your mother’s womb,

Filling you with gifts and grace, indeed.

I danced the day you were born,

Oh, the look on your face.

You melted into mother’s arms,

And melted my heart.

And I watched you grow, right from the start.

You laughed and cried,

Oh, the tears I dried.

You crawled and then toddled,

In angelic arms you were swaddled.

You learned and grew,

I was the Lord to you.

You sang and danced,

And skinned your knees.

And knelt at bedtime,

Praying prayers with ease.

You grew, went to school,

And one day drove away.

My little girl, God’s girl,

All grown up, on her way.

I have plans for you,

So come to me.

I see what is best for you.

If only you could see what I see.

My little girl, longs for her Prince of Peace,

I long to send you one of these.

Come to me, with your thoughts and tears.

I have loved you all these years.

You may not snuggle or nap,

But there is always a place upon my lap.

Daughter of the King, still my little girl.

Gracious and glowing, my precious little pearl.


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