I Worship You


I worship you. I worship you.

You prove your love ,

In all you say, every day.

In all you do. In all you do.

Mary Magdalene, seven demons, possessed,

One loving look from you, she was blessed.

No more to fear, no doubt.

She was with you now,

Her demons were cast out.

The woman whose blood issued,

Needed just a touch.

Your faith has made you whole.

You loved her that much.

And turned to meet a girl’s father,

His servants pronounced her dead,

But you announced, she needed food,

Waking a sleeping child, instead.

The woman who anointed holy feet,

Had likely suffered for years.

Bathing your feet with sweet perfume,

Drying from them the scented tears.

The woman at the well,

Widowed or the worst.

You gave her living water then,

So she’d no longer thirst.

The widow of Nain had lost her only son.

You had passed her way,

And that sorrowful day,

Death was undone.

The same is true of Lazarus,

Though his sisters had some doubt.

Yet, no one did, when you called loudly,

Lazarus, come out!

Martha, Martha, worried, what to eat.

But sister Mary, worshiped at His feet.

The woman, adulteress.

A slave to bodily sin,

What was written there, to confess?

Woman, with no accusers, Nor I..

You loved her, took her in.

Forgiven, and not alone.

There were none to cast a stone.

And your beloved mother Mary,

A precious Son, did carry.

She raised Him, and praised Him.

As God, the Father would also do.

No other woman’s heart was broken so.

Imagine what she went through.

Watching Him beaten, dying on  cross.

Son of God, Her Savior, her son, her loss.

What love it took to do, I am amazed!

Yet, she saw Him ascended and raised.

And sits near Him now and forever too.

I worship you, I worship you.


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