The Suffering Prince of Peace


We must never forget the Passion of our Lord, the suffering that lasted over His life from Gethsemane to the Cross and Resurrection.  What was a matter of days, to us caused Him  to swallow up an eternity of  everything that could be thrown at mankind.  Sin, sickness, the mental anguish and fears, the sorrow, rejection and loneliness and the ache upon a pure heart that was ultimately and painfully pierced. Agonizing thoughts, as His humanity no doubted want to give in, but the love of God held Him there as brutal men drew back hammers to pound spikes into His wrists.

What ever we go through is nothing compared to His beating, Psalm 129:3 says the plowers plowed His back and made the furrows long, yet it was translated stripes. Sometimes, it will say wounds and that is a better description but to be that wounded and carry a cross on your back or even shoulder is horrendous. No wonder He fell under the weight.  But Jesus was the sweetest and most gentle man ever! He was also the strongest, to endure that for us and have enough breathe to give up His spirit. No one took His life, He gave it willingly.

Even in the garden of Gethsemane, He stepped up to those who came to arrest Him and declared Himself, the I AM.  Thank you Jesus for suffering for me, thank you for being my Prince of Peace.


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