Praising The Prince of Peace


No matter what we face in life the Lord is ever at our side, the most loving and wonderful person you’d ever hope to know, who gave His life for you and now all He desires is your love and trust. He just wants to be part of your life, He cares about what you care about. He’s interested in you.  He’s attentive.  He’ll never forget your birthday or any important day. He makes plans for you, He draws you to His side. He lifts you up. He’s worthy of praise!  He’s the only one who could open the book!  He will never leave you or forsake you even if your mother and father do, He will not.  He will also not leave you a widow or an orphan, lack and poverty is not His style.  He desires to see no one hurt, hungry or ill.  These are not part of His plan nor His will. Invite Him in and make Him a constant companion. Walk with Him, talk to Him, sing His praise. Praise the Prince of Peace.


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